Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I have been overweight since I could remember. As a kid I could ride a bike but, it was always a challenge to keep up with the other kids. Then, there was the knee injury that I had in 6th grade. After that I wasn't very active at all. I used the injury as an excuse. After doing a year of physical therapy I COULD be active again. I simply chose not to. 

When Cameron and I were dating, I tried to ride a bike again and I was so out of shape that I cried/whined the entire time and we stopped like a MILLION times. He refused to go with me any more. I really don't blame him. 

I had recently been showing in interest in wanting to try to ride again. Cameron wanted me to lose a significant amount of weight first. However, I am losing at a low slower pace than he had expected. So, we went bike shopping. We were just going to look. Much to my surprise we walked out of there with no only one, but TWO new bikes. 

I was terrified to even get on the bike, much less ride the thing. I told myself that I would take it a  few houses at a time. Off we went. Around the block. I survived. I rode a bike again! After a short rest and some adjusting of seats and handlebars we set out again, this time going a little farther. After that I was done. I was pleased with what I had accomplished so we put the bikes away in my mother in law's garage and headed in to eat lunch. I had packed our lunches as an attempt to save money and keep me on track with my calories. 

Cameron then gets this bright idea to go for another ride. To his Aunts. After 10 minutes of throwing a fit and begging him not to,  we were on our way. 1 mile to his Aunts and then another .5 miles around to make the full circle. It was extremely tough and we had to stop a few times so I could stand up and get cramps out of my legs. We did it though. I had to have a talk with Cameron though, about the difference between encouraging someone and pushing them a bit and then pushing them too far. I felt like it was getting close to too far. I was beginning to feel pain. Not the "feel the burn" kind of pain either. I survived though. My legs were screaming the next morning through. A leg massage was a MUST. Thankfully my sweet hubby volunteered before I even asked. 

After our long bike ride we headed to the metropark to buy our yearly pass. The kids needed to take their naps so we decided to go for a drive. We ended up driving for a few hours and checking out a bunch of the other Michigan metroparks since we had never visited them before. It was pouring the rain so we didn't get to explore as much as we wanted but the scenery was nice and it gave us a chance to have a long talk. We talked about fitness and nutrition. Cameron has said from day one that he didn't care if I lost the weight or not. He would love me either way. I 100% believe him.  On our ride he did say that he can't wait until I lose more weight because he's enjoying being active with me. He's looking forward to experiencing life with me, rather than me always being a spectator. I have to say that I really enjoyed going for the bike ride with him and I look forward to the many more to come. 

My new bike 

I love this man! 

Our rainy journey

This picture doesn't do it justice

A crane. Scared the crap out of me, lol.

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