Thursday, May 23, 2013


I was not fully prepared for how emotional this journey was going to be. There are so many things being stirred up inside me (both positive and negative). I keep having to remind myself that I trying to get healthy, not skinny. I keep fighting with myself. Comparing myself to others. I often feel like I am not accepted or taken seriously in life because of my weight. It's seen as a handicap. I want to be accepted. I want to fit it.  Wait, no! I want to NOT CARE about what other people think of me. I want people to like me no matter what my weight is. I don't want people to suddenly want to be my friend because I lose 100 pounds. I know I am not making much sense right now because I am a blubbering mess! I figured it was still a good idea to get these thoughts out of my body and not dwell on them. Even though I want other people to accept me, I want ME to accept me. God loves me for me. I need to learn to do the same.

When they measure themselves with themselves and compare themselves with one another, they are without understanding and behave unwisely (2 Corinthians 10:12).

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