Thursday, May 2, 2013


My loss this week was awesome, 3.2lbs! For a minute there I was only getting a few losses of under 1lb. Needless to say I wasn't happy because I was putting in so much effort. Now I know that my losses will change from week to week, I might hit a plateau next week ( I have a super busy stressful week ahead) For now, I will celebrate my loss for THIS WEEK. **happy dance**

Next week our church is hosting ChristNet which is a revolving homeless shelter  We will house 30 homeless individuals for a week. I am coordinating this event. I will not be getting much sleep. There will be TONS of food temptations around me. I will not be able to get my exercise in as planned. Here is where I want to freak out and go into full panic mode. By the sounds of it I am setting myself up for failure. Here is where I need to have a plan. 

1.) Plan out my meals in advance and take healthy snacks and meals so I am prepared.
2.) Carry water with me at all times and DRINK DRINK DRINK
3.) Let other people help me when they offer rather than trying to take on so much by myself (I often struggle with this one)
4.) Get creative with my exercise  Even if I have to walk the same path around the church a few times, I will. I need to make sure I am moving as much as possible. 
5.) Remain calm. I know, easier said that done, right? Freaking out is not going to help me on this journey. I am going to stay focused and in control at all times (the best I can)

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  1. Im planning to be there for several second shifts! I think #3 is sooooo important. Let God use this time to teach you to be a delegator. You're awesome!!