Monday, May 20, 2013

Warning: Venting!!!

 Ok, I REALLY need to vent right now. I get really upset when people lose a bunch weight eating garbage when I am busting my butt trying to log every calorie I consume. Not only am I logging how many calories I consume, but I am trying to be smart about which foods I consume. GRRR!!! I am completely frustrated right now. I just don't comprehend how people can eat pizza and drink regular pop and lose 37 lbs in 3 weeks. 

Then there's my lovely husband who eats spicy chicken sandwiches and drinks Coke like no ones business. Every week when I weigh in he weighs in after me. Usually, he loses MORE than me. He's not even trying! He's even stated that he could care less about his nutrition. 


Why can't I lose large amounts of weight?? I don't get it!!! I want to succeed so bad... I can taste it!!!


  1. Is weightloss your bullseye or over all health? Skinny people die everyday from preventable diseases thanks to their "weight loss" diets. I totally agree it sucks for us. God says be faithful in the small things. His reward is great for the way you're fueling your body, HIS temple. One day instead of being convicted of all the garbage you consume, you'll already be walking victoriously! It's a gift. Right now.