Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I think I am finally out of the emotional funk I was in. THANK GOD! I am re-focused and ready to work! 

Today, our family went to a cook-out with some friends of ours. It turned out great. I was really nervous but I planned ahead and everything was great. I was worried for nothing. It helped a ton that our friends were completely understanding of my new lifestyle change. My day wasn't as clean as I would have liked to have seen it, however, I am seeing so much improvement with the choices I am making. I tend to do a great job throughout the week, when I am home and on schedule. The weekends are where I really struggle. Tomorrow we're getting together with some other friends for our annual memorial day weekend Nascar party. Again, I have planned ahead to hopefully avoid any mishaps.

I've started to increase my fitness level a bit. I am still walking but I have added in some workout videos as well as light strength training/Pilates/Etc. Cameron mentioned today that he thought I really benefited from going to Curves. I told him it was something that I need to think through. I am still torn on the whole gym issue. 

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  1. Fear is not of God...I keep telling myself! Just check it out and ask God for peace in direction. I've found that sometimes the peace and blessings come with either choice. It's not always a matter if right or wrong. Just get out of the boat and step out on the water in FAITH!